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Diagnostics of the child’s inner potential

Diagnostics of the child’s inner potential is a strategic key towards shaping the child's
character and his future destiny in the modern world.

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Individual one-year support

Individual one-year training makes it possible to build a strategy for developing the child's unique abilities – to open up the individual potential and learn how to monetize it.

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The test for determining the type of thinking

This test makes it possible to determine the child's competitiveness, to identify his potential and strengths, relying on which he will be able to achieve success in the future.

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Course - Formation of stress-resistance. Emotional leadership

The course is aimed at developing emotional intelligence – an intelligence of success. Development of stress-resistance and an ability of openly expressing one's desires, overcoming conflicts and moving towards victory.

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Course "Development of individual thinking"

The course will allow to actualize natural talents and raise a child a happy, self-sufficient person.

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Couching for parents

The course consists of 8 sessions that are aimed at harmonizing relationships in the family and understanding how the child thinks.

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Rest with meaning for the whole family according to the author's system of development and upbringing of children Future Education Center 3/7

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Customer feedback on the methodology

The sincerity of the relationship between the daughter and father has appeared, our communication has reached a new level of trust and now I have a direct way of communicating with the child. Got a clear methodology, how to work and communicate with the child.

Dmitry Turlo

Iefim Shabshai did, it seemed to me at that moment, not possible, he connected our contact with his son, connected our spiritual and emotional connection. The child said that these were the brightest moments in his life.

Svetlana Dubinskaya

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