Determination of your child’s intellectual level. Why our technologies are unique and work for sure.

We are often asked, what the nature of our uniqueness is. Why do we charge so much? Why not, for this money, to send one’s children to a private school or send to study in Switzerland?

I will try to answer all these questions.

Let’s start with you. Observe yourself for one day and ask one question, “Why am I behaving this way?”

In the evening of the same day, you will surely have an astonishing insight: from the outside, you may look like others, but inside, you are deeply individual. You think, feel and act not like people around you. Even your friends and loved ones do not look like you at all.

In your heart, you insist that in communication with you a levelled approach will not work. What is normal for a colleague in the office (a neighbor in the restaurant, a client of your sports club), you need to be served in a special way: not because you are so finicky; you feel special because you are really individual. You are not an army soldier in khaki, you are a person!

Now, about children. We all subscribe to the statement: “my child is unique.” He is really different. He laughs differently, walks in a special way and has his own unique view of life. This is particularly noticeable in small kids.

However, what do we do with this understanding? How does it fit in with the fact that we push our children into the meat grinder of kindergarten and school?

We direct the maximum of our ingenuity to choosing the right school, because it is where a marvelous flower called “education” grows. To complement the bouquet of “education”, we select a sports club or an interest group for the child.

It is the final product of upbringing in Ukraine. The child, whom parents sent to school and clubs – in the hope that there he will be given everything he needs.

It did not work out as desired. Parents brought an individual unique creature to a kindergarten and a school, but later they try to ignore the picture from a clip of Pink Floyd’s “Another brick in the wall”.

He entered the school as an individual, but came out as a product of society. The child’s head is loaded with algorithms – it’s not that bad. What is really awful is his behavior and emotions are being formatted.

The initially special child turns into Vasya the Robot or Masha the Robot. He is just like the others – well, with slight differences. He thinks and feels synchronously with the crowd. Your child is ready to go further along the conveyor of life, like children from the clip – right into a meat grinder.

Psychologists would call this “socialization”. We call this the “killing of individuality”. Kindergarten and school deprive our children of the chance to be happy and unlike others. Very few manage to break through; all the rest become a gray and dull mass.

We say: the very idea of ​​the flower of “education” is a great illusion. Do you want to have Ukrainian Elon Musk? Then, save the individuality of your child.

Our Center professionally helps to preserve and develop this individuality. In doing so, we proceed from several postulates.

First, no child in the world will be talented in everything. I’m sure that Dali was a completely mediocre athlete, and Einstein was not good at cooking. However, every child has HIS unique gift. It is important to be able to identify and develop it before it goes through “education”.

The second postulate: we know how to find and develop this talent. For this, we diagnose the child’s thinking.

Our Child Development Center is built on the basis of incredibly advanced technologies, which we have been developing for more than 20 years. We are really unique.

Our research has shown that there are ten different types of thinking in the world.

Say, one type of people thinks logically, like Sherlock Holmes. The other type thinks creatively, like Leonardo. There are people, who think analytically or strategically. Churchill, for example, thought systematically – from his birth, he saw systems everywhere, and he was good at managing them.

The child’s talent is usually based on his type of thinking. Say, good chess players are often logicians. This does not mean that you will be a bad chess player, if you think critically. Nevertheless, the logician by nature perfectly understands the thinking “if I make this move, this will happen.”

Artists and writers often think creatively; genius managers think strategically; organizers, analytically; leaders, imaginatively.

In total, there are ten types. For each of them, certain professions are recommended, while others are completely counter-indicative. Therefore, if you want to make from the critically thinking child a political leader and a public speaker, you will face great difficulties. The task is viable, but it will be necessary to bypass the natural inclination of this type of people to privacy. You do not know that, don’t you? We do know.

We have combined hundreds of such secrets into our unique diagnostic system. It really has no analogues in the world. Why? Because it works objectively, that is without exception. This is exactly what the modern world needs. And yes, it’s expensive, because real knowledge is always worth its weight in gold.

The third postulate. It is not enough to identify the type of thinking. It is also necessary to understand the level of development of this type of thinking.

This is another important secret from our arsenal. Each type of thinking can have three levels of development.

We call the lowest level standard, because in this capacity, a person thinks in standard forms, adopted in society. We call the next level individual, because its owner is able to escape from the model “like everyone else” and create something unique. Finally, the third level is genius. This is complete freedom from patterns and prohibitions. This is the ability to present Yourself to the world. Do we want this kind of future for our children?

Let us give an example. A child by nature has imaginative thinking. In its developed form, this is the talent of a showman like Salvador Dali or a politician like Barack Obama. However, at the standard level, the standard imaginative thinking is manifested in excessive boasting and narcissism. The child’s attention is fixed in several patterns of behavior. Instead of free manifestation, he seems to switch from one role to another; without skilled external help, he will not be able to escape from the vicious circle. Yes, he will be able to graduate from Harvard and even get a high-paying job, but he will not be able to show his own potential.

The fourth postulate. The habit is second nature.

Often, a child is incredibly talented by nature, but unable to use his gift. It is due to a habit that nullifies all potential. If not to overcome the habit, the future of an unfulfilled genius awaits the child.

Often, a child obtains his habit, even without having the opportunity to choose. For example, his parents have this habit, and the child takes it for granted: from the banal habit of eating before going to bed to more complex emotional conditions, such as his mom’s depression or his dad’s nervous imbalance.

Therefore, we often work not just with a child, but also with his parents. So, if you want a great future for your offspring, be prepared to change yourself.

The fifth postulate. We assess dozens of other parameters, the description of which will take several volumes.

For example, we assess quotients of the child’s personal effectiveness. This means that we show parents, through which aspect – the body, intelligence or feelings – their child interacts with the world. And such a “deformation” exists always, and it depends on many factors.

Sometimes, for the implementation of his talent, the child needs to deepen mastery of his field of power. If this is a “body-type”, he can become an excellent leader or an athlete. Sometimes the situation is the opposite – an over-intelligent child needs to learn how to control his feelings. Like Ayurvedic doctors, we restore the balance of various beginnings within your child.

I hope you have appreciated the opportunities that our diagnostics provide. However, this is only the beginning of a long journey, during which we find individual talent within your child and help him to open up to the fullest.

This is a fascinating process, which we fill with games and adventures. Down with the boring cramming and primitive routine of the school! We understand what your child needs, and how to make him what you, parents, want him to be like.

Most importantly, we feel the pulse of time. Our children’s program is a unique Ukrainian response to private schools in the US, Europe, Israel and Singapore.

The world rushes forward with great speed. For your child to be capable of competing in ten years with the most advanced Americans, Koreans, Japanese and Israelis, he needs to be educated.

So, what is the input and output?

You bring your child to us. We watch him and after a while we give his parents a full list of recommendations: what is the current situation, what are his talents, how to behave with the child, what needs to be corrected and what needs to be improved. Our presentation is unique; it gives a deep understanding of the character traits, strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Further, at the parents’ request, we develop an individual development strategy that is suitable for YOUR child, taking into account all quotient levels and qualities that make up these quotients.

If the parents are ready, the child will begin to change. This is always a path, which you have to go along with him. You do not have to go blind though, because our Center will help you with implementing the strategy. The work is conducted under the supervision of an individual coach. If necessary, we will additionally diagnose relationships in the family.

What is the analogy to this process? Imagine author’s perfumes, which cost several times more than standard mass samples, but give you that very unique flavor; or individual complete sets of cars in a luxury segment, reflecting your uniqueness.

Be sure that our product will be deeply individual. We will combine hundreds of instruments into an individual blend that will suit your child. And it is right. The most valuable person in your life deserves an exceptional relationship – like yourself.

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