Family Upgrade-Tour with Iefym Shabshai. Vacation with meaning under the unique author’s system of children’s development.

I do not even know what’s more important in our Family Upgrade-Tours: family atmosphere, Upgrade or travel.

I can say for sure that it all started with travel. We started in the late 2000s, in the Crimea. Every summer we went to Sevastopol, or Yalta, or Foros. We went with our families to the sea beach, taking our children. We turned off our phones and music. We danced together, performed together, went to restaurants and bathed in the sea.

Then a great idea came to us – instead of summer, to go on a trip in winter. Since it’s cold in the Crimea in winter, we decided to go to Israel. The trip was unforgettable. The sea was cool, but otherwise the country was beautiful. We traveled to Jerusalem, visited the Dead Sea, reached Eilat, strolled along Jaffa, and everywhere we had adventures.

Then we went further south. We chose Kerala – a state in India, which is considered the birthplace of Ayurveda. The giant ocean waves, freshly caught sea fish, benevolent Indians and a completely new way of life. The children learned to bargain in English in a restaurant, ride a tuk-tuk, stroke cows and drink masala tea. We lived in plywood houses and, together with Indians, visited local folk festivals.

The next winter we moved to Goa. The former Portuguese colony in India, the Mecca of ravers and trancers, but, on the whole, is a cozy and more civilized place. A few months (!!!) on the best sea we’ve ever met. Active English for children and adults. Rides on scooters between magical beaches and new friends; The tievish monkeys and the best masala tea in the world.

Then there was Thailand, which became a school of life for us. The children are, of course, happy everywhere, where there is a sea and delicious ice cream. However, after the benevolent Indians, the Thais were too self-conscious.

We found the real paradise in Vietnam, though. The excellent sea, the best cuisine in the world, order and cleanliness. The most important thing is wonderful and decent people. The children received a taste of diverse Asia and a huge dose of adventure. We liked Vietnam, and we will make the next tour to the same country. We liked it very much. It turns out, for several years of completing Upgrade-Tours, we traveled a lot of countries. After all, I described above only our winter travels, each of which takes at least three months. We, with children, are not just tourists. We are completely immersed in another culture, a different mentality. We live in another world and adopt the world view of other peoples, learning their customs. Our children have become citizens of the world, they think on the global scale.

It is very important that we do family tours. The children go with their parents, and together with them they immerse themselves in a different culture. A joint adventure and shared experience is the best way to make contact. We all have something to remember. For several years, we traveled with special programs Cyprus, Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the Canary Islands.

The important thing is that, initially, the tour was invented in order to find harmony within the family and create positive changes in children and parents. That’s why the idea was chosen to escape from the usual circumstances that provoke inertia and old habits inside us. Given that to change a habit you need at least 21 days, three months is clearly enough to take three family crews, for a month each.

So it was. We rented a large complex, where only we would live, creating our own mini-hotel, where only friends would live. In this atmosphere, we were able to focus on the necessary changes. Once a month the old team left, and the new one came, and the work resumed.

Therefore, after all, the main thing in the Family Upgrade-Tours is Upgrade.

The word itself already says that there is an increase in the level – grade up; but in the level of what?

The system of knowledge that formed the basis of our technologies distinguishes several completely independent minds in a human: physical, emotional and intellectual per se. This is not our discovery; their existence has been described for centuries in the Kabbalistic and other traditions. In the recent decades, science has only started to discover these spheres. The latest trend is emotional intelligence (EQ), which is nothing more than a repackaged centuries-old knowledge of the mystical currents in the East and in the West. Upgrade makes children geniuses. Specialists of our Center 3/7 understand very well how the body (VQ), emotional (EQ) and intellectual (IQ) minds work inside a person. We do not just talk about this. We raise the development levels of these quotients – from the lowest standard one to the individual one; from the individual one, to the genius one. This is not a fairy tale. This is technology.

How do we do this? The answer is in more than 20 years of experience. We own hundreds of techniques, which have been honed over the years at practical seminars with adults. To work with children, from these developments we take the best and well-functioning, turning the selected technologies into games and quests.

So, on the surface, Upgrade-Tours look like traveling to different countries, during which we play games and organize adventures. No school desks with boring Teaches. This is yesterday, which can be drained to the toilet.

Increasing the quotients VQ, EQ and IQ is by no means the only one of our specialization.

We help to solve difficult situations in upbringing and family life – including those, which no one else is willing to deal with. How do we do this? Again, more than 20 years of experience.

Parents come to us with tears in their eyes, because the situation with their child, as they think, is deadlocked. These children are from 2 years old to 18 years old. After a month of joint adventures, they leave happy, optimistic and grateful.

The children are exactly like they wanted. Magic? No, technology – and the love of life.

We position Upgrade-Tours as a vacation with meaning for the whole family. We emphasize: Upgrade (increase in development quotients), as it is, occurs according to the author’s system of the development and upbringing of children.

Let’s sum it up. The Family Upgrade-Tour is an adventure. A group of parents with their children go to another country, leaving habitual conditions for a long time. No one knows exactly what adventures await us there, but we know for sure that these adventures will change the destiny of the family and children, who will have accomplished Upgrade.

The Family Upgrade-Tour helps, in a short time, to develop skills and qualities inside the child, which are necessary for his successful and independent future, as well as to make contact with his parents. The high efficiency is guaranteed by the fact that the tour is conducted directly by the author of the Future Education Center 3/7, Yefym Mikhailovych Shabshai.

During the tour, the child has an opportunity to show and embody his talents, as well as to overcome the complexities of those areas in his life, where he faces problems.

How do you imagine vacation? What do you give to your children besides travels?

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