How technology changing the world of children now?

The author is Galina Shabshai, the founder of techniques for development of outside-the-box thinking abilities for adults and children, an expert in the field of emotional intelligence and its actual use in business.

Progress and development are great. Smart programs and machines make life easier, people can devote more time to themselves and their concerns. But is that true?

Reverse side of the coin

The diversity of gadgets, devices and modern technologies simplifies children’s life, that you won’t need to bother soon –  a keyboard instead of a pen, a program that corrects mistakes, you won’t need to be literate, you will be able to communicate via social networks, no phone calls, meetings, guests and these are just several examples. That’s what is happening to the world of children under the influence of progress:

  • Development gap. There’s no point being happy about the fact that a baby still does not know how to speak, but can use a computer. On the contrary, it slows down the development considerably; the skills that must appear at the particular age do not develop.
  • Lack of communication. The importance of live communication, the value of friendship and the ability to make contact with other people are lost. Different smartphone apps are used to make calls and chat.
  • Confined world. The whole life of a child and especially of a teenager is concentrated in a gadget which they use to communicate, view photos and videos or discuss something.

Children plunge into their tablets and smartphones even at school or out. They can hardly be seen playing outdoor games, getting together in companies for communication and information sharing. They are much more into “hanging out” on the Internet with all possible news avaliable fast and free. Summing up, we may state that modern technologies lead to the degradation of society what especially  concerns children who do not develop in a proper way.

How to make technology useful?

In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems. In the first place it requires the attention of parents, their attitude and searching for ways to understand their child. All gadgets and other devices may be useful if:

  • Gadgets are only accessories that children rarely use.
  • A child has a hobby, real goals wich can be accomplished with the help of the blessings of civilization.
  • Technology helps to develop talents and abilities rather than abate them.

Our life has become much more comfortable and easier than 10 years ago. But on the other hand, the progress slows down the mental and physical development of children, who represent our future: teachers, doctors, managers. My books contain a lot of useful and valuable tips that will help you to use technologies and gangets for the benefit of your child without loosing their individuality.

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