How to save your child from getting stuck in a virtual world and losing grip on reality?

The author is Galina Shabshai, the founder of techniques for development of outside-the-box thinking abilities for adults and children, an expert in the field of emotional intelligence and its actual use in business.

What is it about a virtual world that attracts children that much? The answer is very simple –  children can be anyone in this world, do what they want, make decisions without being punished for their mistakes. The real world is much more complicated, not that impressive and fun as your child wished. Therefore, a child plunges into the world of computers, games and social networks. But the life doesn’t stand still and the reality is the only place we live in. How to bring a child back to the reality?

Symptoms of computer addiction:

  • A child spends almost all time, using a computer.
  • Increased irritability, indifference to household chores.
  • Lack of real friends, they exist only in a virtual world.
  • Downgrade of school results, relationship with peers and teachers.
  • Tired, haggard look.

Constant ‘online life’ causes intense drain of the nervous system. Sometimes, children lose conseption of whether they are in a game or not. Their behavior, perception of the outside world and people depend on it.

How to pull a child out of “networks”?

If a teenager is reluctant to contact, ignores your desire to have a heart-to-heart talk, spends all the time being ‘online’, do not fall into despair. It means that you need to stop for a while and reconsider your life, behavior, family relationship and try to recall the moment when your child started to spend a lot of time in a virtual world. Here are some of the most common reasons for escaping reality:

  • Tension in a family. Everything seems to be much more simple in a virtual world, nobody puts pressure, scolds or sets prohibitions. Think it over, maybe you are too strict, irritable or you might have oppressed your child with prohibitions and constant criticism.
  • Lack of attention. It may be an acute problem for families who decide to have a second baby. A teenager escapes a solitude and indifference of parents, using computer games, where he has many friends and even has his own team.
  • Overprotection. It may seem that your child has everything: loving parents, the best toys, a possibility to attend classes and courses, but, for some reason, Internet still comes first. It may be down to the fact that excessive protection hinders a teenager, and games, on the other side, give a chance to make self-sufficient decisions.

As an experienced psychologist, I may state that computer addiction almost always occurs when a child needs to compensate for something: for the lack of your love, attention, understanding, self-confidence or independence. With the help of my books you will be able to solve the problem and start developing your child’s confidence, charisma, talents and interest in the outside world.

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