How to teach children to plan and keep up?

The author is Galina Shabshai, the founder of techniques for development of outside-the-box thinking abilities for adults and children, an expert in the field of emotional intelligence and its actual use in business.

Punctuality is a habit that needs to be developed. If you don’t cultivate a habit of  “planning and being successful in everything” in your children, it will be very difficult for them to arrange their leisure time and business properly.

Every child has a daily routine. While children are small, their parents set the order of their actions. They are told when they need to get up, go for a walk, sleep and so on. When children start attending school, they gradually start to understand what time is and how to be in charge of it. But here is a paradox, some pupils manage to do everything properly and be in time while others are constantly late and everything is upside down. Whatever group your children belongs to, they need to be taught to plan and organize their own schedule properly.

Here are several “golden rules” of an organized person:

It is necessary to keep to a permanent and steady schedule of a day. When children go to bed and wake up, go for a walk, attend classes at the same time every day, they begin to sense the time and how it passes.

A clear ordering of time is needed to perform a particular task. In addition to that, it is necessary to think about a cushion of time, so that you always have some extra minutes not to be late.

Analysis of a day schedule or event. It is necessary to revise all the things that children managed to do during a day and, if they didn’t manage to do something in time, what was the reason. Children must be taught to use their watch, so that they are able to plan the time. It will help them to keep the track of it. You will also have to become an example of punctuality yourself.  My books contain many useful tips that will help your children to become organized. They may also be useful for parents, because it’s hard for us to fulfill all our plans in a day, though in fact it is quite real.

Punctuality as part of a successful career. The world of business people is based on punctuality, it is hardly possible to become a leader or even organize work of company’s staff without this character trait. I give advice to parents that help to make a leader out of their children or how to develop their sense of purpose, but it doesn’t make sence without the habit of doing everything in the right order and in time.

Use the methodology I suggested to develop the habit of punctuality and concentration, start working with your children yourself or entrust this work to your relatives. You will notice soon that you and your children become more self-disciplined, you will be able to fulfill all your plans in a day and have much more free time for various interesting activities.

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