The techniques are certified by the International Enneagram Association IEA and
registered in the Library of Congress.

Course - Development of Charisma and Leadership

We choose effective methods for developing inner strength and will of a child according to his inborn potential, particular qualities of thinking, perception of information and reactions to the outside world.

Course - Development of Stress Resistance. Emotional Leadership

The course helps to get rid of the previous negative experience and redirect the released inner resource of a child to development, creativity and self-expression.

Course - Development of Creative thinking

The course is aimed at the development of creative thinking. It concerns the ability of a child to solve non-standard problems and find new, more effective ways to get ahead in the future. We develop a child’s ability to create new ideas, concepts and business.

Course - Development of Critical Thinking

The course helps to develop critical thinking: the ability of a child to be critical and analyze any information, give an independent assessment of what is happening, build his own thoughts and do not come under the negative influence of others

Course – Development of System thinking

The course is aimed at developing system thinking: ability to see the situation as a whole, much more extensively, distinguish cause-and-effect relation and comprehend the reality from different perspectives

Coaching for parents

Professional assistance to parents in terms of recovery and development of sincere, constructive relationship with children.

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