The methods are certified by the International Association of Enneagram IEA and
registered in the Library of Congress.

Diagnostics of thinking type

Diagnostics allows to determine child’s inborn type of thinking, his talents and individual disposition to certain types of activities. It also determines the strengths of character, which may help him to get ahead in the future.

Diagnostics of of the personal performance rate

Diagnostics allows to determine the levels of IQ – thinking, EQ – emotional intelligence, stress resistance and creativity, VQ – charisma and leadership.

Diagnostics of family relationships

Diagnostics allows to determine stereotypes and habitual non-constructive communication patterns between family members.

Diagnostics of inner potential of a child

Diagnostics of inner potential allows to determine the inborn type of thinking of a child, strengths and weaknesses of his character as well as his inborn competitive advantages and talents.

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