Course - Development of Charisma and Leadership

(1 module - 3 months, 16 hours per month)

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The course allows to form basic skills of sense of duty and discipline. It activates the inner strength, will and charisma of a child. It also gives the opportunity to gain self-confidence, learn to fight own concern, show initiative and develop individual potential of leadership.

This course is suitable for your child if:

If your child:
Lazy and hopeless.
It is difficult for him to get a sense of his desires.
He often feels bored and does not know how to entertain himself.
He doesn't want to study and it is difficult to motivate him.

Can't finish the started work.
Can't set a goal and make his step-by-step way to achieve it.

A child will learn:

Module 1. “ Sense of duty and Discipline ”. The ability to complete tasks and self-organize.
Module 2. “ No sooner said than done. Independence”. The ability to set tasks and complete them. The ability to try something new, set tasks of new level.
Module 3. “Individual Leadership”. Self-confidence. The ability to fight concern, be initiative and develop individual potential of leadership.

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