Course – Development of Critical Thinking

(1 module - 3 months, 16 hours per month)

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The training is aimed at development of a child’s ability to analyze any information, perceive it critically, make estimationswithout being dependent of others' opinions of what is happening. It also helps to learn how to build his own thoughts and do not come under negative the influence of others.

This course is suitable for your child if:

You want your child to learn how:
To get rid of unnecessary information and find the best solution.
To understand and see the very core of what is happening quickly and tell truth from lies apart without any difficulty
To see the merits and demerits of different solutions.

To develop concentration and the ability to work out the details deeply.
To make conclusions and find the right solutions quickly and precisely.
To get a sense of moderation and distance
To appreciate his own time and private space as well as time and space of other people.

A child will learn:
  • To give an independent estimation of what is happening.
  • To build his own thoughts.
  • To get rid of a habit to accept opinion of other people in good faith. By the way, it will help a teenager not to come under the influence of a ‘low’ company.
  • To stay away from the influence of peers and intrigues.
  • To make conclusion only relying upon persuasive argument: statement – arguments – consideration – conclusion.
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