Course - Development of Stress Resistance. Emotional Leadership

(1 module - 3 months, 16 hours per month)

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The course is aimed at developing stress resistance, empathy and emotional leadership.
It gives a child the opportunity to learn a quickly way to deal with stressful situations and interact with others effectively.

This course is suitable for your child if:

If your child:
Reticent and shut in, when it comes to communication.
Reserved and apathetic.
Stubborn and isn’t able to reach a compromise.
Inclined to mood swings.

Isn’t able to get on well with peers and settle conflicts.
Touchy and takes difficulties hard during a long period of time.
Inclined to being excessively anxious and afraid, it hinders him at crucial moments.

A child will learn:

Module 1. “Antistress”. Diagnostics and primary release from inner stress.
It helps to determine the inner condition of a child at the moment, get rid of a logjam of negative emotions and develop basic skills for the future transformation of non-constructive emotions.
Module 2. “Development of empathy.” Training on recognition of own emotions and emotions of other people.
Active expression of emotions and release from inner stress. Development of useful skills of self-observation, understanding of own inner condition and emotions of others.
Модуль 3. Module 3. “Emotional leadership.” Development of basic skills of emotions’ transformation.
Development of a habit of conscious expression of emotions and release of emotional stress that suppresses a child’s personality. It also gives an opportunity to develop basic skills of transformation of negative condition.

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