Course – Development of System Thinking

(1 module - 3 months, 16 hours per month)

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The training is aimed at developing a child’s global vision. The ability to distinguish cause-effect relationship, analyze information from different respectives.

This course is suitable for your child if:

It is difficult for a child to see the situation as a whole (in general)
He perceives separate phenomena as part of a whole and can't relate them, what bounds his thinking.

Children are not able to keep various facts in mind and see cause-and-effect chains. Their attention is distracted by separate elements that he can't put together, this prevents him from making right decisions and making reasonable conclusions.

A child will learn:
  • To see relation between separated elements and gather them into a unified system.
  • To understand goals, tasks and benefits of of such system’s operation.
  • To be able to find different ways of solution to a single problem and use necessary tools in each case.
  • To see a full picture and act massively.
  • To solve problemat the initial stage fast and successfully.
  • To predict future events and see, with the help of system approach, what factors may influence the result.
  • To comprehend everything that happens in life more precisely and in full measure .


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