Course - Formation of stress-resistance. Emotional leadership

(training course for 1-3 months, 4 hours once a week)

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The course is aimed at developing emotional intelligence – an intelligence of success. Development of stress-resistance and an ability of openly expressing one's desires, overcoming conflicts and moving towards victory.

How are classes conducted?

Management of emotions will enable the child to quickly cope with complex, stressful situations, effectively interact with surrounding people and achieve results.

Our sessions take place in a unique format, where complex, practical skills of managing emotions are being formed in the atmosphere of creativity.

In a Programme:

  • Catharsis in a game form – it will allow the child to remove repression and negative emotions – resentment, self-pity, anger and aggression.
  • Dealing with fears – the author’s techniques on how to free the child from various types of fears and to form skills necessary to achieve the goals.
  • Painting – helps express oneself through creativity and get rid of the experiences of the past.
  • Acting skills – an art of self-expression, developing the ability to transform complex life situations into victories, developing empathy and widening the range of actual emotions.
  • Cognitive games – development of the speed of reactions, speed of thinking, observation, memory, attention, ingenuity and acuity of perception.

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