Peculiarities of innovative education. What abilities our children need to be successful in the future.

The author is Galina Shabshai, the founder of techniques for development of outside-the-box thinking abilities for adults and children, an expert in the field of emotional intelligence and its actual use in business.

How do ordinary children turn into successful businessmen and top managers? What the future occupation of our children in adult life depends on? The key factor is the education system and the methods of presenting the information.

Let’s take post-Soviet education system as an example and the program of an ordinary student in Japan. Our system provides the development of children and their formation as successful / mediocre personalities during their adolescence period. In Japan, it’s common to teach the principles of leadership and business skills in elementary school.

Innovative education is based on the following concepts:

  • Children should be provided with necessary information.
  • It’s important to find a way to make children quickly understand the task and purpose of training.
  • Children should develop as independent personalities who can make decisions and control their emotions in any situation.

A great motivation should be presented in the process of learning. Ask the child ‘Do you want to carry sand at the building yard or do you want to buy anything you like?’. But these words shouldn’t be just said. Children must see them in use. Be sure to show your child how hard and low paid job looks like, what people, who get low salaries, can afford and what limitations they have. Compare it with people, who earn more money, own a business or create innovations. Explain and show them what life of such people is. Children will see a true confirmation that education and development are necessary and what may happen if they are neglected.

The innovation system, described in my books in detail, is based on providing children with nothing but the necessary and targeted information. The source of information is a teacher or a parent.

Start working with your children, taking my advice and recommendations into account, and you will see first positive results within a short space of time.

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