Stubbornness as a positive character trait: How to develop leadership and sense of purpose in children?

The author is Galina Shabshai, the founder of techniques for development of outside-the-box thinking abilities for adults and children, an expert in the field of emotional intelligence and its actual use in business.

Stubbornness is a very controversial character trait of children. Relying on a great practical experience of working with children of different ages, I may state that stubbornness is an inborn trait and only a small percentage acquire it with age or by virtue of education. In 95% of cases, stubborn children understand what exactly they want and will strive for their aims to the bitter end. Children with such a trait may become good leaders or commanders with a powerful voice and strict orders for their employees. But they also may become stubborn-headed mules, who are used to indulgence and can’t accept objections.

How to make a smart leaders out of stubborn children?

The main thing for such character trait is to set the right direction. My books contain the most effective tips on how parents can do it themselves. First, it’s necessary to set particular goals which children (on account of stubbornness) would certainly be willing to accomplish:

  • Set only real goals. For example, we don’t have a possibility to make a journey into space yet, but makeing bed in the morning, cooking breakfast or taking part in some daily routines of parents is quite real.
  • Teach children to build logical chains of actions to achieve something desired. For example, if your children want to go to the park, then tell them that they shouldn’t simply demand your permission, it’s necessary to do their homework or clean the room and after that they may enjoy their free time. It is very useful to teach children how to plan their day.This way, they get what they want by means of managing their time.
  • Teach your children to come to an agreement and get in touch with others. It may be not that significant in childhood, but such skills may be of great importance for a future manager.

Stubborn people often focus their desires and actions on one thing only. It’s not that bad, but it’s important to teach children what multitasking is. They may not only learn how to model objects from clay, but also paint their handicraft or, for example, it’s great to be a captain of a football team, but it’s also necessary to make friends with others. While getting ahead and accomplishing their goals, your children will understand how easy it may be, they will see that they can manage to fulfill many tasks at the same time.

Start heeding this advise and find the right approach to your children. You should always remember that it’s not necessary to make robots out of them. The ability to make independent decisions and make mistakes in order to gain experience is also important. Your main goal is to teach your childen how to see not only the result, but also think many moves ahead to accomplish their goals. Start setting small goals today.

My recommendations will help you to organize the lifistyle of stubborn children in in an unobtrusive and comprehensive form and develop an excellent and sociable leader of any team.

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