The reason why you need a stress resistance course for children

The author is Victoria Liamets, certified coach, who shared her successful case study from her everyday practice.

A 13-year-old boy started to attend a course on stress resistance in the 3/7 Center a month ago. His story was quite common for pupils of his age. He is one of the best pupils in his class and generally has no problems at school. But there is a teacher of history, who underrates him and gives him unfair grades. Why? Teacher is sure that the boy is not that in love with history as he is himself. At one point, the boy decided to change the situation. He had been cramming dates the whole week, but as the result he was given a low grade and a terrible critical comment: ‘Well, I can hardly see any improvement.’ How is that possible? You may understand the boy’s outrage. The problem was obvious. He could not get a fair grade. And from that disappointing moment, he didn’t even want to. There was a strong inner conflict inside the child. What kind of? He couldn’t solve this problem himself. It was impossible to tell the teacher directly that he had been wrong, because it might have lead to bad consequences. But the boy couldn’t reconcile with such state of things either. So he got stuck in a hopeless situation and he had no skills to settle this conflict.

The psyche of any person works in the way that it always strives to find a balance. In this particular case, there were two possible scenarios. According to the first scenario, the boy would sooner or later enter into an open controversy and express all his emotions, what might burn all the bridges in the relationship between him and his teacher. The second scenario implies a complete loss of interest in the subject. Basically, the boy acted according to the second scenario, when he would perform all the tasks, but wouldn’t believe that he had a single chance of success.

We focused on getting rid of his inner conflict. With the help of special methods, developed specifically for the course on stress resistance for children, the boy allowed himself to express the emotions that had accumulated and could not come out on its own way. The result was as excellent as always. Last week, the boy came to the lesson and modestly said at the end that he had received 12 points in history. Due to the fact that the conflict was settled, he was in comfort with this situation. He also had new ideas of how to get excellent results.

Every child has many conflicts of this kind every day. Ignoring such problems leads to creating problems for children in the future. We all know that small conflicts that haven’t been resolved in childhood, emerge as significant problems when children get adult. We still have to settle them, but sometimes it takes years of hard work. Surely it concerns you too. There is a strong necessity to have methods for children that will help to get rid of stressful situations quickly without accumulating them. It will save them a lot of strength and nerves in the future.

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