What is creative thinking

I have recently dealt with an extremely interesting matter: at the request of parents, I have determined a type of thinking of a child.

To be brief, the type of thinking is the way the human intelligence works. The logical thinking was very described well by Arthur Conan Doyle in his stories about Sherlock Holmes. This is arrangement of thoughts in the ‘if…then…’chain. That’s what, for example, successful chess players do. But there are also other remarkable types of thinking. And we determine them. If parents know their child’s type of thinking, they will be able to choose a correct educational process or even pick a future profession.

This time, it was clear to me that the boy had a creative type of thinking. A real inventor! Such children become great designers, writers or inventors.

The child was unbelievably joyful, talkative and loving. The latter is not very usual for an 11-year-old boy))

Answering the questions of the test on the type of thinking, he put lots of emotions and enthusiasm in a story of how he played hide-and-seek with his classmates that day at school.

This story fascinated him more than tests for sure) It was filled with real life, joy and delight. When I decided to find out what they had been doing durig a game-break, the boy gave me a sincere answer:

– NOTHING! We didn’t play.

This is the main point of children’s perception. The boy hadn’t perceived anything except a joyful play. The lesson erased from his memory, being useless for him.

How can we talk about knowledge or training in such conditions?) They are boring and make children abandon blustery imagination and vivid demonstration. And after that parents start to wonder why their children refuse to learn. Why do they have no interests and the only thing they like is a tablet?

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I have always had a suspicion: teachers are not really interested in THEM during a lesson. They don’t have an opportunity to tell something about their life and create a story, game or a picture out of this story. They have no chance to express themselves. But it is creativity that is the basis of any free type of thinking, not to speak of a creative one. Creative type of thinking is originally built in such a way that it fills the surrounding reality with new creatures, phenomena and heroes. People of this type create world-class heroes from ordinary people. Naturally, a creative person may also play this role quite often. Testing took us a long time. But the child had a possibility to express himself. He was listened to. He experienced a wondrous euphoria of recognition and support. From the very beginning of the test, it was clear to me that the boy had a creative type of thinking. The boy hugged me and his mom and started to write down his stories about “real life at school.”

If we talk about his individual path of development, then it should be an organized sequence of such self-expressions. Parents of creative personalities are obliged to provide conditions for self-expression of their children. Every time children gain new experience in creating, they get more confident in their own abilities, because every self-expression is a victory achieved with the help of their inner weapon. You must admit that it differs radically from the pathway of a chess player or a strategist. Then, having a possibility to express themselves, children will go down the road of OUTSIDE-THE-BOX thinking, and in course of time they will start to dive into the area of ​​their own genius. The creativity will find its way. It is very useful in the world of high technology, artificial intelligence and space exploration. Our task is to give a clue to parents about their behavior pattern and help children to learn two important things: how to control their emotions and manage their thinking.

Thank you and goodbye! Be creative!

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